Consecration- Obedience to the Soul

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day.

I have been reading a book called “The Science of being Great” by Wallace D Wattles. In the book he talks a lot about an idea called consecration. Consecration means obedience to the soul. He says in the book,

“You have that withing you, that which is always impelling you towards the upward and advancing way. That impelling something is the divine principle of power. You must obey it without question…. There are many ideas in your mind that you have outgrown. In which from force of habit you still permit to dictate the actions of your life. Cease all this, abandon everything you have outgrown.”

This idea of following your heart is something that has always been on my mind. We spend so much of our time trying to figure out what we should do, what would be best to do financially, what will hurt others the least. We think of many reasons to do the things we do. I believe if we are honest with ourselves we know what our souls are telling us

Let listen to ourselves a little more. It might make the world a better place.


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