You can’t be too careful anymore


Lots of old ideas have been seeping back into my mind lately. Ideas that I haven’t thought about for years. This could explain why I have felt so unaware of myself lately. It can be easy to lose sight of our ideas and who we are as we go along in life but we have to remember we are ment to grow.

I’m making a commitment to listen to my inner self. The voice that guides me. The one I mostly drown out. I allow it to be replaced with other talk and noise from all around me that’s not in line with my personal goals; the me I want to be.

Breaking the chains that hold me in this prison wont be easy. The come in the form of expectations, peer pressure, and doubt. When we allow ourselves to be put in a little box it can be hard to get out. We have to give it all we got to knock these walls down.

I’m reminded of the lyrics of an amazing band called Paramore.
“You can’t be too careful anymore. When all that is waiting for you wont come any closer you need to reach a little more”


Trimming the fat


So I cut my hair. I know what you’re thinking.. So? What’s the big deal? Well it was weighing me down. It had to go. Simple as that. Well it’s also getting hot here in Louisville. We went from winter to summer. Hopping right over spring. Classic Ohio valley.
I feel better without all that hair. It may seem like this post lacks substance but here is what I’m getting at. If something is weighing you down, I mean grisly keeping you from being your best. Get out from under it.

Against the Structured Generation

My post yesterday was about stepping out of your comfort zone. Here is a post from Mark McConaghy about questioning the status quo and living a worth wild existence. Enjoy

The 14th Floor

One of the unfortunate characteristics of our generation is that we have tended to live highly structured lives.  Those of us born in the 1980s, who spent their twenties in the transitional era of the early 2000s, amidst the violent cacophony of the two Bush Wars, have experienced at least some shared sense of structure to our lives.

The typical life of an upper-middle class son or daughter born in Canada during that generation would go something like this: a childhood spent in public schools, with no lack of activities in which to immerse oneself (soccer, piano, theater, etc.). Then high school hits, with its swirl of hormonal desire combined with the looming pressure of standardized tests. It is generally here that the adolescent learns the rhythms of capitalist work-time: school during the day, nights filled with study and ever more structured activities.

If the student is lucky he or…

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May the 4th be with you!

So its Monday. Which is a day many people dread because it means back to the real world. For me however I feel like it’s a good chance to start fresh. The weekends over, we have had time to reflect and relax (hopefully) and now its time to put the wheels in motion.

I had time over the weekend to spend with myself and just my thoughts. That doesn’t happen for me very often so I took the opportunity to do some reflecting. I thought about how my life is going right now and how I would like it to be. All in all I’m content with where I am. There in lies the problem.

Being content is the reason I don’t have a grasp on where I’m heading. I have been living way too inside my comfort zone. Most of our growth as humans is done outside of the comfort zone. Over the past 6 to 8 months I have set up a permanent dwelling in the comfort zone. Sofa and all.

This week I am challenging not only myself but everyone reading this to get up and get out of the day-to-day. If not entirely in some small way. Do you need that cup of coffee every morning? Drink water instead and see how that challenges you. Have you been slacking at work just doing what it takes to keep your job? Push a little harder and try to impress someone. Who knows you may end up impressing yourself. Do you need to eat junk for dinner because it is what you’re craving? Eat something good for your body instead. Yeah sure it’s not going to bring the same release that the cheese burger or pizza will, but in the end you’re going to pay a much greater price for years of constant indulgence. The fun lies in challenging yourself to do something that you normally wouldn’t do.

Here’s to a good week of hard work and growth. Keep on pushin!

The beginning

        Hello my name is Brock Adcock


I’m not starting this blog for any reason other than to document my life. I think it will be interesting to look back in a year or longer and see how things have changed.
I’m married and living in Louisville Kentucky. My wife’s name is Bethany  and we have been married for almost 2 years. We will soon be moving to California and will need to find new jobs.
Currently I’m working for the state of Kentucky as a maintenance worker. Lately I have been thinking of what I want to do for work long term. I have started to learn computer code because I believe it will be a good field for me to provide for our new family.
Along with planing for the future, I have been trying to get my health in order. If I don’t care for myself who will?
I’m going to miss Louisville because I grew up here. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead.
Thanks for reading.