Saying goodbye (for now)


The old saying goes
“You dont know what you got till it’s gone”
Such wise words.

I have been filled with excitement about my move to California with my wife. I look forward to our road trip there and seeing all the people who have become my friends and family. But what happens after? What happens when I have been there for two months and it really starts to hit me that I’m here to stay?… This is my new home.

I love the city of Louisville Kentucky. It has been my home since I was a child. Its what I know. I wake up every day and it’s a part of my life. My backdrop, my playground, my community. I know the people here. I know safe places to be. I know where to go to find trouble. I know where the good food is. I mean the really good food. I know that just because it’s sunny right now doesn’t mean it won’t be storming in 2 hours. #ohiovalley. I know my mom loved this place and it will always remind me of her. I know I can always expect 264 to be backed up at Poplar Level. I know that if I need to get away there is a Heine brothers coffee somewhere nearby. I know few things are more beautiful than Eastern parkway in the fall. I know when the zombie outbreak hits I’m going to Knob Creek gun range.
So many things I will miss about this place. I’m leaving but this will always be my home. I hope I make you guys proud somehow. I’ll be back