Recently I read about how former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Bones Jones was stripped of his title for a mistake that he made. Without going into any detail, Jones made a bad decision that caused him lots of trouble and its going to effect his future for some time to come. I hold a great deal of respect for Jones and don’t wish to pass judgment on him only to learn and reflect on what has happened.

Its important to have a clear mind. A clear mind can think on a situation and determine the best outcome. A man with a cloudy mind or mind full of clutter can not determine which course of action is best. Our choices weather for good or bad effect not only us but those around us. When we decide to do something or not do something we are forcing our will on the world. This will is strong and has consequence. Is this sounding familiar? I know most of our parents taught us this at a young age.

I don’t know Jones personally. All I know is that he’s a terrific champion that has been at the top of his sport from a very young age. Life will deal us situations in which we have to make hard choices and sometimes we can panic. We want to wake up from the nightmare and return to the reality we know. But we cant run. We have to stand face to face with what we have done and take it on the chin. Like they say, its not about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep getting back up.

I know Bones is going to come from this like the champ he is. Its without a doubt going to be a huge learning experience.