Louisville to Kansas City

I just got my hair cut and I’m feeling good about life. Its funny how such a small, unimportant change can make you feel like a better person. The girl who cut my hair did a great job.
Beth and I arrived in Kansas City Missouri about an hour ago. We left Louisville this morning at 7:30am give it take 10 min and we arrived in KC at 3:30pm local time. That’s back one hour. We stopped for about a total of 1 hour. All in all it took 7 hours. 30 min less than planned.
We hit a little traffic a few times. Even though it rained a little that didn’t slow us down. I hope the rest of our trip is safe because its dangerous out on the roads. The cars packed down and that doesn’t help because I have limited visability from the rear window.
We’re about to go to dinner after Bethany gets dressed. Talk to you guys later.




Good morning everyone. Its 9:18am and I’m sipping my morning coffee thinking about my week ahead. Its my last week in Louisville and its all so bitter sweet. On one end I’m excited about the big move while on the other I’m scared and already feeling a little homesick. If I’m honest with myself though I’m ready and more than willing to take on what’s ahead.

Let me tell you about my weekend…. Which started on Thursday night as far as I’m concerned. My wife and I carpool to work. So when I picked her up Thursday night I was surprised when she gave me a letter she said her boss gave her. She told me she was afraid to open it and that I should read it for her. I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to know what was going on. I opened the letter in my usual style which is a little like a kid on Christmas. No regard for the envelope. Just get me to the goods.

The letter went a little like this…
Dear Mrs Adcock
This letter is to inform you that your employment will be terminated on 6/22/15. The reasons for this decision are outlined below
Blah blah blah….
We are sorry it had to come to this and wish you the best of luck in the future.

P.S. This is not a termination letter. This is in fact a sly way to show your husband how much you love him and to let him know you’re taking him to see Gary Clark jr tonight.

…… Yeah….. She did that
I couldn’t believe it. What an awesome surprise. I thought she was fired for about 20 seconds but still. She’s funny.
Needless to say the concert was awesome. Such a great time. Oh and great seats too. Only 5 rolls back. We were so close it hurt our ears.

So that was just the beginning. Friday we went to Nashville. Its only a couple hours for Louisville and we like to get out. The day in Nashville started 91st Gruhns guitars. Now for those of you who don’t know. I am a guitar nerd. Really just a nerd I’m general I confess. Anyway… The place is awesome. They are full of vintage, used, and new instruments. Of you’re ever in the area check it out.

Next came the bar hopping. Let me tell you. Its been awhile since I was drunk while the sun was up. It was a blast. We went to different restaurants and bars all over downtown. Thank god We could walk to them all. In the end we decided to stay the night there and slept on an air mattress in someone’s apartment for $40. Better deal than a hotel.

The rest of the weekend was a big splurge as well. This post is getting too long so I won’t talk about anything else. Just that we had a bunch of fun and spent a bunch of money. Wow we spent a bunch of money. 

East meets west

Hello and good day to everyone. I hope all is well with you and you are continuing to grow in a positive direction. It’s 9:20am and I just arrived at the office. Today I want to share something very exciting with you. I call it “east meets west”.

East meets west (EMW) is going to be a vlog of my upcoming move cross country from Louisville Kentucky to Riverside California. My wife and I are leaving Louisville on June 27 2015 and will arrive in Riverside on July 2nd. Our stops include Kansas city Missouri, Denver Colorado, Albuquerque new Mexico,  Phoenix Arizona,  and finally Riverside California.


For lodging we have arranged stays using Airbnb. We have used this service in the past and really look forward to our stay in each city. We have lots of adventures planned and we’re excited about trying new foods. We are going to take our time with the drive. Most days only driving 7 or 8 hours.

I’m so happy to be sharing this adventure with all you and documenting it so that we can share it in years to come.  To be honest we almost decided to just fly, but what fun would that be. I’m counting down the days.